I have a passion for textiles and art.

  Growing up around my mother's sewing studio resulted in a fashion education, but also art has always fascinated me.

I can't choose so I combine both, painting with wool.

I strive to work with local shepherds as suppliers of wool, and nature becomes my supplier of inspiration and dyes.

Everything is felted in the traditional way, sometimes combined with the modern knowledge of textile design.  
Felt is pleasant, sound absorbing ( acoustic ) and brings a soft atmosphere to any interior.

My design process is sustainable and is kept as ecologically responsible as possible.

The wool only comes from sheep that were shaved, not killed!

MdMN stands for Maison du Mouton Noir.

A black sheep is special, remarkable and a-typical. Furthermore, as the Scottish tradition wants, a black sheep brings good luck.

My studio is located in Belgium and every design is made in-house.