Your cat will love it!

So will you...

Your cat will love these catcaves.

They are the perfect place to sleep, play or take shelter. Inside and outside. They are soft, cosy and their shape gives them a feeling of protection. 

These beautifully felted pieces are all made by hand, so differences will occure.

Quality above quantity.

I want to deliver a unique, solid and traditional product.

Handmade with the ancient wet-felting technique, using only the softest wool.

Therefore it might happen that, during busy periods, you may have to wait a few days before I can ship.

Made of 100% wool.

Wool is naturally dirt-resistant and therefore requires no specific maintenance.

Occasionally you can use a vacuum cleaner and put them outside for airing. 

The wool comes from sheep that have been shorn, not been killed.


Contact me if you want a custom made cave or if you want more information.